Julie Ashby, The Zen Coach works closely with individuals online and in Sydney, Australia


It was always in search of my own answers to heal myself from being a workaholic who has depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions and an over active mind that just wouldn’t stop.


After a long Career in Media – magazines, Media Agencies and TV Network- I had manifested my Dream Life in Los Angeles……

the lead up to  that in 2010 saw me travelling around, networking, determined to create this new life


During this period I lived on the island of Crete ,Greece at my first Yoga retreat- my 5 day stay turned into 4 months and the consistent yoga each day was the opening my intuition needed-


I was finally still and quiet.


My intuition could reach me.


I was getting intuitive downloads.


Life began changing.


I learnt How to Manifest.


One of the biggest challenges was incorporating these new intuitive sense and guidance while still working in an alpha male dominated environment-


the biggest test working in Live Sport Television – events like the Superbowl at one of the biggest TV Studios in Los Angeles.



How to be Spiritual in a non Spiritual World has been a 7 year rollercoaster cycle to develop my method in healing this and I can’t wait to help and impact those of you who are:


  1. The Over-achiever in the family and feeling unappreciated by those in your Life


  1. High Level Executives & Corporates who are +15 years into their Careers


  1. Creatives or Performers- want to know how to write, act, sing, be a Meditation /Yoga Teacher or be visible online . Actresses unable to create consistent opportunities



Suffering and no one can help you….



Feeling emotionally crippled-  isolated, anxiety, depression, insomnia, low immune system, fast thoughts looping, fertility problems, digestion issues

There is no such thing as buckets of depression out there-

those black clouds are not aiming to come at you…


It’s us as people having depressive , or anxious fast thoughts that affect the chemicals in our brain and our emotional nervous system.


Then we attract more and more self-punishing thoughts –


our ego LOVES to then gather more evidence to keep breeding those thoughts and emotions


Helping people with depression and anxiety is part of my Life’s Legacy…..


I have a 1:1 Private spots for you for 3 x months Transformation of thought patterns and emotional support


We WILL reprogram your thoughts and nervous system together…..


This is life changing work-

Take you FROM

  1. Emotional Illness
  2. to Emotional Intelligence
  3. through to Emotional Freedom- the shield is dissolved


Knowing it is always safe to change when we are replacing with thoughts, patterns and beliefs to serve you.


Ive gone the 7 x year emotional roller coaster , investing to date $85,000 in my education and training –


To take you to a place of FREEDOM and Peace FAST.


Fully supported- every single day of our time together



  • Healed relationships with their children
  • Forgiven their parents after +50 years of Guilt and shame
  • Gone from being too afraid to speak to PAID Radio gigs
  • Created their own Podcast
  • Achieved a rapid promotion in their job
  • On the verge of leaving acting in Los Angeles to being offered 4 x JOBS in same week
  • Wrote their first book
  • Went from stressed insomniac to peaceful
  • Overcame depressive, anxious thoughts
  • Got pregnant after trying IVF!!!!
  • Manifested the money they needed to pay for Coaching




“It was so great having Julie in my corner, encouraging me, and pointing out the places where negative self-talk takes up space in my head. She guided me to go within and look back to a place where that self-sabotage and negative self-talk began and showed me how to heal that and let it go. She is so kind and knows exactly how to help you feel empowered.” ~

Melisa, Fort Lauderdale, FL




Private Coaching : 3 months

  • 3 x calls a month and unlimited support.
  • Calls are first 3 x weeks of the month
  • Unlimited voice message / messenger / email support
  • Free meditations
  • Weekly Mindset work
  • Daily Gratitude Group Accountability
  • Free membership in the upcoming The Emotional Freedom Movement










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