Work with The Zen Coach, Julie Ashby - Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Corporations


I show busy Corporate Women : How to feel Safe – to take a Leap of faith

Develop your intuition and get to the source of whats been holding you back

We will Rewire your Brain for the Future and  emotionally support you as we reverse engineer it backwards.

During my 4-month 1:1 Coaching Intensive, you’ll:

  • Heal past events that are making you feel unsafe as an Adult to move forward
  • Get clear on what you really want; you cant manifest anything until you learn how to decide
  • Unleash the Creativity / Truth thats been suppressed since Childhood and produce Creative projects
  • Balance the Practical Reality while developing the Spiritual Fitness required
  • Swap Masculine, punishing, self depreciating behavior with Feminine Power Navigation system
  • Reprogram any poverty / employee mindset thats kept you dependent on people or employers and experience becoming your own source
  • Release patterns of isolation, depression, anxiety
  • Get you writing, speaking, acting, singing, publishing- the “thing” thats been quietly tapping you on the shoulder since birth!
  • Learn how to honor your creativity AND still pay the bills;
  • Learn how to up-level your energetic vibration so that you can move Transition faster towards the direction of your dreams + goals.
  • Create a Graceful Exit Strategy out of what you need to let go of

What can you expect?

3 x 1:1 calls a month with unlimited Voxer Audio / Message Support in between calls.


$6000 for 4 months (payment plan available)

Want to dig deeper?

Your Brain has endless patterns keeping you safe

You are not the Behaviors of the past- option to continue on after 4 months for $1500 a month.

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