Chuck - Testimonial for Julie Ashby“Recently I completed the Creative Insight Journey facilitated by Julie Ashby. I found this course to be quite powerful. It pushed me to examine aspects of my life and make changes to become a happier and more fulfilled person. This course has helped me to try and live my life free of expectations on myself and others. It has helped reduced stress and anxiety and provided me with tools to enable a calmer head space. Whilst the journey is not over it has certainly put me on the path to achieving these desires.” – Chuck, Sydney


“I had six sessions with Julie and I can hand-on-heart say it was one of the best experiences of my life. It came at the best possible time in my life, as I am about to set off on a round-the-world trip, having quit my job and made other big life changes to chase this dream.
Jules could clearly relate to where I was at in my life, and she had instant credibility with me. Over the 6 weeks we worked through some things that had been recurring themes in my life, issues that had really held me back and limited my thinking. It covered the full range – guilt over past decisions, baggage from previous relationships, food issues and body image (huge factors for me), fear, shame, introversion. It was actually miraculous that in some cases I could make a breakthrough on something that had been blocking me for YEARS in a single session.
Our sessions were a judgement-free zone. There was nothing I couldn’t tell her – nothing that was too crazy or embarrassing. That aspect was similar to therapy (something I’m no stranger to), but Julie was able to give me a lot of really practical strategies for particular things, and introduced me to frameworks for thinking that will stay with me forever. I couldn’t recommend Julie more highly – she’s awesome, and I’m forever grateful!” – Gen, Melbourne, Australia


“Julie, thank you so much for our working with me. In just one session, I was able to release limiting beliefs that I’ve carried with me since childhood. You have such a gentle and compassionate nature, and without any judgement, you helped me to replace old patterns with a fresh new vision. I love your approach and I look forward to working with you again!” – Love and peace, Jennifer, Oklahoma, USA


“I worked with Jules for 4 sessions over Skype and in person. I am so glad my friend referred me to her. I’d never been coached before and had been having problems with my son and our family business. Jules was able to clear anger from my past and improve our relationship. She was professional and easy to talk to.” – Trevor, Los Angeles, California


“I write this from a place of gratitude, honesty and humbleness. When I started my sessions with Julie I was a little nervous and hesitate, but as soon as we started talking I felt completely as ease and comfortable. It didn’t matter that our session where phone based, due to both of us living in different states. We established a connection, understanding and rapport with each other very quickly and naturally.
My time with Julie from the beginning and throughout the program has been not only liberating but motivating and inspiring. Her professionalism & experience is impressive. I had a few major life events happen in my time with Julie, and she help me through them every step of the way. She helped me to prioritize my life to help make it less demanding, to kick my butt when I would have self-doubts about myself (there where a lot of those). To showing me I can do what I ever I put my energy and focus towards, and she was right. I will remember and implement the skills and knowledge I have learnt from Julie into my life and my families for ever. It’s been unmeasurable the time we have had to be able to share and explore experiences and feelings that I wouldn’t normally acknowledge. I will miss our time working together, who knows I probably be back…Thank you with all my heart Julie or as we say………Arohanui…xo” – Calley, New Zealand


“Jules is an energetic, vibrant presenter and lady that is passionate about changing the lives of others. It was a pleasure to be in her space and presence for 8 weeks.” – Liz, Sydney, Australia


“If you seek, then you shall find”. This is how I would tell the story on how Jules ended up becoming my life coach. Before I had the coaching sessions with Jules, I was a little loss in most areas of my life. As in life was not bad, but I was not completely happy, yet I do not know what is missing. After working with Jules, I started to understand what are my values and passions in life. I would say the greatest gift she gave me is “clarity”, now I know what it takes to make me feel fulfilled in life (now I just have to follow through with the strategies/goals we come up with during the sessions!!). Most importantly, she also reminded me not to be too hard on myself and be flexible. I would recommend Julie Ashby to anyone who wants that extra push to guide you to the right directions in any areas of your life.” – Jenny, Melbourne, Australia


“Julie is a bright shining star and her perspective is refreshing. I see great things in this amazing woman’s future!” – Elizabeth, Denver, Colorado

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