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Originally from Sydney I was on my fist Long Haul flight at 6 x months old and have been taking Leaps of Faith ever since!


Leaders go first and through the highs and lows of Ascension to Fear- its our job to live through these experiences so we can teach them!


As a former resident of Los Angeles and employee on the FOX Lot, I understand the life and pressures Working Women, especially in High Level Corporate America are facing and I am here to transform the quality of their lives.



Going through a Career Transition while i was taking Action towards my true path of Speaker/ Writer / Coach and the challenges I learned of working full time in Media/ TV while staying in the “Spiritual closet” at work for 5 years –


until I decided to take another Leap of Faith around the world living in Bali, NYC and California.

Im here to help those looking to take the next step with:


  • the sometimes overwhelming decision of “how” I will ever transition from the full time security of employment


  • How to deal with workplace depression and frustration when the end goal seems to big or far away


  • learning to go from suppressed emotions for our emotional safety vs EMBODIMENT of trust, neutral soul


  • being honest with our internal emotional grid how delusional we are vs how courageous we are willing to be


  • How to BE Creative while in an environment / job/ family that may judge it


  • How to feel safe to express yourself publicly (Social Media/ Radio) while still in transition of employee to entreprenuer


  • The build up to “The Leap” and the crippling Anxiety over money/ safety/ security fear


  • Clearing the timelines of our parents beliefs about money


  • How I was financed by the Universe on Spiritual “Sick Leave” for 6 x months living in Bali working with Shamans and mastering Spiritual Frequency with my teachers in USA


  • Having the Universe catch you – the highs of sudden success


  • When you experience true abundance and lose it all- why your beliefs are challenged- plummeting all the way down to desperate , darkness and how to keep going through those dark, fearful, broke times


  • Rewriting the meaning of your own timelines


  • Destiny vs our Freewill


  • Key areas in your Life to identify Spiritual vs Practical Reality to keep you in trust & faith AND be able to survive financially


  • Wisdom, Faith, Trust, vs Discipline, Support, and identifying where you emotional grid is sitting so you can move up the scale and keep yourself safe


  • How to show up for your Creativity AND pay your electricity bill


  • Your Graceful Exit Strategy




Julie Ashby was born in Sydney Australia and had a successful Corporate Media Career in Australia and United States in Television Networks / Advertising Agencies and Newspapers.

She began her Personal Development career whilst still working full time in Corporate Network Television in LA –

studying Leadership at Landmark Education, Los Angeles and completed her Master Practitioner of Coaching & NLP with the International Coach Guild.

She is a certified Teacher of Creative Insight Journey (The Heroes Journey/ Leap of Faith ) by Stanford , CA.

Appearances have included Hay House Radio, 12Radio, Guest keynote speaking, event crewing and leading workshops in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Julie’s clients include high-level corporate women, emerging entrepreneurs and upcoming Hollywood actresses.


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