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Julie Ashby is a Mindset Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Writer. She was born in Sydney Australia to UK Expats. She took her first long haul flight at 6 months old and hasn’t stopped travelling since!!

Her Media career has spanned 20 years across Magazines, Advertising Agencies and TV Networks in both Australia and the United States. She was the first person to ever secure a 2-year E3 Sponsorship within FOX Sports Media Group, a role which enabled her to connect and gain massive insight into global audiences.

She also became involved with The Writers Guild in Los Angeles and was a group leader for Australians’ in LA.

During a 4-month Yoga immersion in Greece, the effects of clearing space in the mind began to create shifts. Life was becoming magical. Intuition guided her to live in New York. Having manifested the life of her dreams from New York to LA, her soul was still unsettled.

Trauma from her fathers suicide and a long period of suffering from guilt was still affecting her nervous system & immune system. She was determined to heal naturally

Julie entered the world of Personal Development. Despite feeling scared what the inner work would uncover, she had all kinds of breakthroughs!. Julie learnt the only thing holding her back was Fear! She had woken up, but wasn’t ready to spring into action yet.

Sometime later when her US Visa sponsorship renewal came up, she was let go from her Corporate job. With 6 weeks to pack up a life that had been built over 3 years, she said, “””Ok Universe, I’m listening…”””

Julie spent time  back in Australia earning her Master Practitioner in Coaching, NLP and during this time created a coaching and consulting business for Expats called Great EXPATations, after identifying a need to combat challenges like cultural differences, loss of identity, homesickness and support in creating goals in your new city or country.

Divine guidance led her to digital spiritual radio station Hay House Radio. She studied Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and many Spiritual Authors and Teachers. Through this community, she found a new tribe. Her path was forming.

She took the powerful course Creative Insight Journey (C.I.J) based on California’s Stanford Universities Masters Course in Transformation. This taught her tools on how to be mindful, let go of self-judgement and overcome anxiety and stress. Julie partnered up with Hay House personality and C.I.J Master Trainer Jennifer Grace, became certified to teach,  and launched Creative Insight Journey in Australia in 2015.

Julie is now a Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coach accredited through the International Coach Guild and an NLP Practitioner helping people heal from their past, create change and unlock their creative selves.

She loves helping emerging entreprenuers clear and heal past events in their lives, Career Transition from feeling stuck, into tapping into their calling and getting paid to be YOU!!



Originally from Sydney – Julie is a former TV Network Executive in Los Angeles who became the Spiritual “Joan of Arc” of the Corporate World and on her way to healing Hollywood.

She reprogram’s your thoughts and nervous system to create Emotional Freedom.

Julie Ashby spent 20 years in Corporate Media/ TV world across Australia and the USA.

She holds a Master Practitioner of Coaching & NLP with International Coach Guild and is certified by Stanford, CA to teach Emotional Intelligence and facilitate Meditation.

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