For those who have never experienced an Ashram-


An Ashram VS a Yoga Retreat is humble basic principles VS
a retreat of binge wellness and in most cases- alcohol and luxury

But ive had all in my 7 x years of Yoga trips- some I lived like a nun, some I was out raging all night!!!!

This is Sydney – so an Ashram here is more like a 5 star hotel in the mountains-

I’m not walking around in a sack and scrubbing floors at 4am


Very remote location
A lovely 5am bell to wake you for 530am Yoga class.
Still take the designer Yoga pants of course
Hair stopped being brushed after Day 1
Mascara still applied with a hand mirror (obviously)
Meals of basic oats, tofu, rice, veggies
A poisonous Red belly black snake joined us most mealtimes……I walked away calmly and quickly while most of the resident volunteers stand over it admiring it…– um no…..
Meditation & yoga & chanting – several classes a day
Quiet nature, very basic, no phone or internet
No mindless chit chat or negative vibes

My first Yoga holiday I was an over hyped fast character who basically ran laps around the place.

Silence and stillness wasn’t my vibe-I was more into insomnia and stimulants and an occasional Valium to knock me out!

I used to be the new girl at these places.

I didnt fit in!!!!

Once I learnt how to calm myself, I made best friends with my Intuition and my Soul’s GPS took the lead.

It led me to manifest a new Life in Los Angeles at the time.

And now its about to take me on a Location free adventure, living a Life of Freedom…

Im here to be the Bridge to Practical Spirituality-


hold your hand to help you RAISE YOUR SPIRITUAL VIBE !!!


Do you want to meet up and work with me in BALI in November?


Im working on something special for those brand new to this world……..



still be fab, in Corporate, drink wine, have nice things and learn how to be Intuitive, Spiritual and at Peace at the same time……

Let me know below if this is you

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