Monday Morning Mindfulness Meditation

At the beginning of each week it is normal to go into Overwhelm- thinking about everything we have to do this week…

Sunday / Monday is NOT the best time to make major life decisions!!

To be Mindful is to be in the Present Moment

To be in the present moment is to be Peaceful.

There are 2 x places your mind/ego LOVES to go too:

  1. THE PAST- your mind loves to run over events in the past- emotions that come with this are heavy regret, shame, anger
  2. THE FUTURE- your mind LOVES to project itself into your Future- worry and create scenarios that are not real. Emotions and symptoms that come with this are Anxiety, depression, insomnia and addiction

The ONLY place Peace Lives is in the present moment

we do this by stopping, breathing

……letting the thoughts on the merry go round float on by……..say “thankyou thought, i’ll get back to you soon”

Here’s a 3 x minute Mindfulness Meditation to try..


Monday Morning Mindfulness Meditation 🙏🏻⭐️🙏🏻

Posted by Julie Ashby on Sunday, August 20, 2017




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